Border Terriers and kids are a great combination

border terrier and babyGood-tempered, vigilant, strong digging force, and with high energy level border terrier is one of the most enchanting dogs among all other dog breeds. They are brilliant, brave, affectionate, and loyal.

Being a companionable breed, Border terrier makes a perfect companion for kids. Border terrier requires company and socialization, that’s why they get along quite well with kids and strangers as well. They usually don’t make noises, but they will bark and make noise on strangers, that makes them a good choice as a regulator as well.  But they are not forward enough to protect your home from any intruder. These dogs can please you and you kids quite well. They love to get trained but they prefer to please their owner. They can easily learn anything if their owner appreciate them as they love to be the owner’s favorite pick.

These dogs are very active and fun loving. They love to play and jump on people to welcome them. All these qualities make them an exceptional buddy for kids.

Good with children

border terrier and kids

Border terrier usually loves to play with kids. It goes without saying that like any dog you will need to supervise CONSTANTLU. When you leave the room please take the dog out of the room too. They can spend a full day enjoying and playing with children. However, they can also get rude with small kids inadvertently. Border terrier does not possess typical dog’s aggressive nature; therefore, they can cheerfully entertain and play with your kid for a long period of time. These dogs are also able to do a good baby-sitting as they are soft and serene by nature. They will keep an eye on kid while making him happy constantly.  Border terrier species wants to get praised by their owner all the time. Therefore, they will do anything you want from them by simply appreciating or praising them.

Border terrier can make good companionship with the kids, but the kid should also behave well and should show kindness towards them. Many kids due to their active nature may irritate different pets by pulling their ears, leg or any other organ. In this case, Border Terrier like any other dog might behave badly. Supervision is crucial to both monitor the dog and child.


Border terrier are loving and affectionate towards kids, but they can be little rough with the kids under the age of five or six. Therefore, it is necessary to educate your children regarding their treatment with the pets. You should teach them how to touch or treat Border Terrier. You should also keep check on all type of interactions between kids and Border Terrier. It’s an compulsory step to keep them both protected and safe. Both kids and Border Terrier needs an adult to teach them and to develop some friendly atmosphere between them. Border terrier may take few years of understanding and ripeness to become stable with your family. You should also restrict your kids to not leave any door open behind them. As being curious and active creature, Border Terrier can get out of your house. In the result, they can be hit by the car or can also get lost by going alone.

Overall border terriers are great dogs with children.