Family dog

border terrier dog digging on the beach

Border terrier was basically bred to work serenely with other hounds and they were bred for calm and low destructive temperament that is a speciality of hounds that hunt animals on their own. Therefore, on the one side if they are strong and hard in the fields to find and attack rats, foxes etc. Then on the other hand they are respectful, loving and submissive to their owner. One should keep this thing in mind about Border terrier that as they were meant to search and attack foxes and rats, so they are firm digger and remain curious and interested all the time. They are also very persistent as they can dig and search their food out for themself. This habit of border terriers makes them appealing but can be irritating on the same time.

Another important feature of Border Terrier is that they adjust well to any kind of atmosphere or situation. Therefore, they are good to be kept as a family dog no matter if you are living in small town or a big city. They will fit in well with your family as long as they will get your adequate attention and appreciation. They are expected to live with your family for a long period of thirteen or fourteen years.


The protection and maintenance rate required by Border Terrier is not very high. They can easily go without regular bathing and can be easily cleaned through using wipes or towel if they are dirty. This characteristic of Border Terrier makes them a preferred choice for many dog lovers. Their fur is hardy and prevents dirt naturally. That’s why they do not produce strong unpleasant smell. Furthermore, their fur or coat shed modestly.  However, being an active breed, Border Terrier needs regular exercise of thirty minutes to keep them fit and active. This exercise can also be an evening or morning walk.

Healthy Dog Breed

Generally, Border Terrier breed is considered as a healthy breed. They only need a little care and low maintenance to remain healthy and active. As they are strong and powerful breed, proper diet, suitable weight, and ample of exercise can keep them in good physical shape. Border terrier breed was bred with great concern and care and this is the reason behind Border Terrier being healthy and free of genetics health issues that other dogs’ breed may face in their life.

Good with other pets

Border Terrier calm and loving nature makes them behave well with your other pets.  If you own some other dog breed previously, then it’s better to buy Border terier of opposite gender. This step will minimize the chance of possible fighting that usually occurs between two same gender dogs. In case of cats being your pet, Border Terrier will go good along them. It will behave calmly and peacefully with your cat. However, Border Terrier breed cannot be trusted regarding small pets like mice, rabbits, rats and the cats from other houses. As they were basically bred to hunt their prey, that’s why they cannot be trusted regarding small creatures.