The truth about a Border Terrier temperament

Border terrier is very friendly and calm natured dog breed that can be trained easily. This dog breed loves to become a part of owner family. These dogs have special trait of working and living serenely with other dogs or pet of your house. Border Terriers will not do well in isolation. They will need interaction with people or other pets. My Border Terriers best friend is our cat. This dog only wants to become your family member. But will not ask for you full time attention they rather spend their time calmly without creating any disturbance.


Border terrier dog breed was initiated on the hills that structures border between Scotland and England. Border terrier breed was started on both sides of these hills that belong to Britain. Being studded with hills, border area farmers’ stockpile was threatened with hill foxes. To get rid of these foxes, specific dog breed was required that are powerful enough to keep pace with the horses and tiny enough to enter in foxes’ secret places. Keeping in mind all these requirements, Border terrier were bred to be powerful, sturdy and resistant enough to cope with the hilly areas weather conditions.


Being a part of dog class terriers, a Border Terrier is quite lovely, submissive, good natured and easily trainable dog breed. Border terrier is a very intelligent species, they learn very quickly and understands what you are upto by keeping in mind your routine timings. They would also understand through simple training that what you would like them to eat or what you wouldn’t.

Being good-tempered and good-natured with their fellow pets and with their owner, Border terrier however fails to show temperament regarding small animals and tiny creatures like rats, mice, rabbits and many others. They are brave and persistent by nature, so they won’t miss any chance to prey these animals. Border terrier also needs socialization like all other dogs. It can help to make their temperament even better. They should get introduced to different people, voices, crowds and situations.

Border terrier is flexible and multitalented doog breed. They are perfect house pet because of their temperament and persistent adjustable nature. They don’t needs a lot of place to live peacefully rather they will adjust well within a small area. They also don’t push their owner to seek attention all the time. They are quite dedicated and always ready to play games which ever one it is running, learning or simply sitting on the sofa. They will participate in each game with total allegiance. Border terrier is not a noisy breed generally. However, they do make certain noises to show their eagerness or interest in some activities like eating, outing, playing etc. Border Terrier can cope with any environment or changing weather conditions. Whether it is big city, small town or a village, these dogs get well adjusted immediately. However, besides all these Border terrier traits and specialities, we should not forget that being a living being, they also need lively activities, exercises, attention and proper diet to keep them active, happy and well-tempered.