Border Terrier at the beachA Border terrier is a tiny,rough coated breed of a dog that belongs to the terrier group. Terrier are basically naturally tiny, thin, energetic and courageous dog. Border Terrier contains long legs to help them in moving with foxhounds and their bodies are small enough to help them to creep inside fox burrows. The Border terrier is attentive, nice natured dog that was basically supposed to help fox hunting and to find foxes out from their veiled places, so that hounds can catch them easily. Border terrier possesses amazing energy level and powerful force that helps them to keep pace with hunters. On one hand these traits are helpful for hunters and for other owners Border terrier are an amazing partner that plays and love hard.


Border terrier was bred in 18th century in England and Scotland. The main purpose behind it was to produce a dog breed that can help farmers to grab rats and mice from their farms. Later on it was realized that these little dogs were not just able to catch rats and other small creatures, but they are powerful and capable enough to find out foxes too. This dog breed is quite persistent as they could search out their own meal in order to stay alive.


Border Terrier, an adorable and shabby dog breed, has made dog lovers love them unconditionally everywhere. This powerful dogs are lenient and calm natured that makes them a good choice to be kept as a family pet. This breed was originally bred to live in fields and farms, but their soft and serene nature has convinced many non farmer owners to make them a family pet. Although they are quite friendly and loving natured, still they remain curious, sovereign and adore digging and finding all the time. Border Terrier always look snooping, active, interested and willing to do something every time.


The main feature of Border Terrier that makes them a pleasant house pet is their size. Border terrier were bred with the purpose to search and find out foxes and rats, that’s why their size were kept small and their bodies were made strong. Besides being small sized and powerful bodies, their weight is also very light. The average female Border Terrier weight lies between five to seven kilogram and male Border Terrier weight lies between seven to nine kilograms. Their small size and light weight has made them a perfect choice as a house pet. This dog breed is also intelligent enough to get trained easily. They eyes depicts their intelligence. With small black nose and intelligent eyes, Border Terrier has attracted a large number of dog lovers.

Being so small sized, it becomes quite easy to travel with Border Terrier in a cars or any other vehicle. As they can get adjusted in small places easily and can give their owners a good travelling experience because of their compact size