For me that sums up a border Terrier if people ask me about the size. Border terriers are not that well known and so the question of size is not that silly.

I always have to smile when people ask me what breed my dog is. When I reply “border Terrier” they usually look surprised and say “I thought they were black and white and bigger…No that is a border collie.

The size of a border terrier is so much more user friendly. The border terrier breed was originally bred to ferret out rats and badgers they were kept small and sturdy. They are between 5-7kg for females and 7-9kg for the males. That is just slightly bigger than a big domestic cat.

In my opinion their size is one of the features that makes them the ideal house pet. They are small but not under your feet all the time and they don’t take up the floor space larger dogs do. This makes them the ideal pet for families with smaller children. They will not get bolted over by dogs twice their weight and size. Most border terriers are easy trainable.

I found that if you like travelling then a smaller size dog helps. They don’t take an extra seat or luggage space like a bigger dog would do. You would be more inclined to leave the bigger dogs at home or in a kennel but I found myself looking around for accommodation that would take small dogs since she is a pleasure to travel with.

1/ Compact size dog

2/ Ideal for travelling

3/ Good with smaller children

4/ Does well in multiple animal household even with cats. This is only if they have been brought up with them. Introducing a cat to an adult border terrier who has no experience with living with a cat could be a challenge.

If you still have doubts about if the size of the border terrier suits you. Maybe my husbands story will help you.

He was on the lookout for a “manly” dog. In his mind this should be anything over border collie size. This was far too big for me. So he went looking for a smaller “manly” dog. When he suggested a Border Terrier I was happy with the size and he was happy with it not being a white fluffy. We have now been proud owners of a blue border terrier for 4 years and very happy with her.

When she is in the house she will always look for company. Whether it is my husband, the kids or the cat.

When we travel now that my children are getting bigger. We are still happy to take her with us since she is a compact dog.

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